Chartered Building Engineers & Corporate Approved Inspectors



Download the Registration Form, Part 1 (the Form) by right clicking on the button and requesting download, this should make the document local and available to complete in your previewer. This is a PDF fillable form, your software should allow you to complete it directly on any computer and you may use digital signatures in the Declaration. Please read the Section on Authorisation for further details. You must then use your own or your Agents email account to attach and send the Form to our email address on the Form, with any Plans, Structural Calculations or supporting details. We ask you to do this so we can validate your identity through your or your Agents email account.

If you wish to use a none IT method, please complete the Form in black clear lettering and post the Form with any Plans, Structural Calculations or supporting details to the Postal Address on the Form and allow additional time for delivery.

Scanning the completed and signed Form, with any Plans, Structural Calculations or supporting details and sending these electronically, as described elsewhere, is also acceptable.

In each case, please complete all parts of the form to the best of your ability, your email address, if you have one, is particularly important as we will use it to communicate certain documents to you. By sending the Form to us in any of the ways advised, you are agreeing to email, phone or text methods of communication to the email or phone number you provide unless you say otherwise. We will only communicate with you for strictly lawful purposes and in the furtherance of our business with you or your Agents.

Additionally, by sending the Form to us in any of the ways advised, you are authorising us to serve the Initial Notice on your behalf to legally establish BCP as your Approved Inspector. You will receive a copy of this and other Engagement documents a few days later for your records. 

If you are not entirely happy with anything BCP has done you may tell us in writing, please use the Contact Form and within 14 days, to cancel your Registration and reverse, as far as we are able, any use of your data which will then also be deleted from BCP systems. We would ask you first, to confirm with any Agent or Contractor that they have not engaged us on your behalf directly. This is often the case and it the Agent or Contractor who may be insistent on using our services.

Methods of digital authorisation will be accepted by all parties as an agreement, authorisation and contract between us after a 14 day period from service, where within either side may withdraw without costs or liabilities. Also in relation to the Form it will be an acceptable method of authorising of the Declaration of the Form as though all parts where actually signed by the parties. 


A purpose of the Form is to allow the authorisation, risk and resource validation of your Registration. This is a process which does not give or imply any technical approval of your project. Further, the process of validating your Registration commences when our central office has formal receipt of the Form. Your Registration may be held pending for a number of reasons, we will advise you of what needs to be done to correct the Registration and re-start the process as soon as possible. Your Registration may also be Refused, reasons for refusing validation will be explained to you. If the reasons for Refusal can be overcome to our satisfaction, you will have to re-register. You must carefully read all of these pages and be aware of your responsibilities under the Regulations.

On completion of our validation process, we will advise you of the outcome. If validation is successful we will then serve the Initial Notice (IN) and provide an Engagement pack to the Client and or the Agent confirming what has been done to date and what is needed to progress the Registration to the Assessment and Consultation stage.

If the Applicant or Agent on the Form does nor appear to be the property owner, we will communicate our involvement to them and a summery of what has been agreed on their behalf. It is important and a requirement of our performance standards that as far as is reasonable, all relevant parties should be aware of the process being carried out.


We have to ask you to, in one of the ways notified, complete and return our Registration Form for validation before we are able to carry out any further administrative or professional services for you. Please note that if you make a request to register a project with a staff member, Branch or Inspector, this is of no-effect until received, processed and validated by our central office. 

You or your Agent, will receive conformation of the successful validation or alternatively, that your request is held pending or has been rejected. Until successful validation is received you must not start work on site. If you do the Regulations requires that an Approved Inspector can not act for you and the project must then be transferred to the Local Authority’s enforcement team. They are then the only authority able to deal with your project as work commenced without approval. We will also have to charge the client our fee as described in our Terms and Conditions.


If you make a request for Registration and our central office can not validate your request then we may return your request as rejected or hold it pending whilst we contact you to complete or rectify unsatisfactory elements of your request. Whilst your request is rejected or held pending, no other administrative or professional services will be carried out, your request will be deemed off no-effect until validated. Again, you must not commence work on site during any period that your request is deemed as refused or pending by our central office.


Whilst we require the Form to be completed in full in all cases there are differing ways of Authorising your acceptance in this digital age. These are explained below as one may be more convenient than another, the purpose of each however, is to ensure we are able to identify you as a legal client or that you are represented by a duly authorised  Agent and that, in either case, we can reasonably establish that we have your agreement, knowledge and authorisation to proceed with a number of legal and contractural matters. These procedures may be audited from time to time by both the GDPR Data Commissioner for private data subjects  and the CICAIR for all projects. 

It should be noted that a single client authorising the Registration accepts that they are warranting to us that they have the agreement and authority of all clients represented in the project. An example would be a common partnership or marriage where one party only signs the form but the property and therefore, the application to develop is relevant to all parties who have a stake in the property. It would be preferable that each stakeholder gives a separate authorisation to avoid disputes later in the projects life cycle.


These principals also apply to Agents providing authorisation on behalf of a Client. If you are the Agent of a Client, your authorisation is as though your client were providing that authorisation and it is binding on them. You must provide a declaration that, as the client duly authorised Agent, that you have the Clients knowledge and authorisation to counter authorise the the Form on their behalf.

General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

If you are a private person, defined as a data subject under the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) your private data you supply to us is protected. We take seriously the rights you have under this legislation and operate to ensure our compliance and your protection.

In authorising the Form and using the web-site Contact Form in any of the ways described, the Client will be asked to positively agree, directly or by proxy of their Agent, to our GDPR Data Policy (GDP) to use, store, transmit and share personal data for lawful purposes. It is also agreed that a single Client is also providing ourselves with the implied authorisation of all stakeholders of the property as described in the Clients section.

Authorisation to Proceed

In addition to the specific agreement under the GDPR relevant to a Private Data Subjects, a generic authorisation to proceed is also required. For all requests for Registration we require your authorisation, as described by the Form Declaration to proceed specifically with the signing of documents we must serve on your behalf to establish our position as your Approved Inspector. The principal document is referred to as the Initial Notice as defined in The Approved Inspector Regulations 2010 (as amended) (AIR). A copy of this document will be provided to the Client and or Agent for your record. 

Initial Notice

The service of the Initial Notice (IN) has a statutory five working day period, plus any validation or pending days, where certain details are further validated, work must not have commenced on site in this period. It is possible that the IN can be again held pending or rejected for several reasons, such as the work has commenced on site before expiry of the default period. In such a case we will advice you of the reasons and what if anything we can agree to progress your project. If the reason is such that there has been a breach of the procedural regulations then the project must be transferred or reverted to the Local Authority.

Assuming IN validation we will require Plans, Structural Calculations, Specifications and Compliance Certification along with agreeing a Site Inspection Regime (SIR) with you. When the requested documents are submitted by you and approved, we will be able to commence the site inspections we have agreed.


If you have not received or you require a quotation before Registration then please send your project details, including use, unit numbers, site address, contract length and net estimated project cost, by the Contact Form on the contact page of this website, selecting Quotation. We will return a fee quotation and terms back to your given email address. If the quotation is acceptable then return here and complete the Registration process.

Terms and Conditions

We will ask you to confirm your acceptance of our Terms and Conditions of business. Without this we can not proceed or provide any service to you. Please ensure you are able to agree these, they are available to review on this website and can be provided in large print.


For clarity, from the Registration Form the Declaration you will give and also the form the Form the Notes section is reproduced, the references refer to the Sections of the the Form:


We hereby instruct you to proceed with this engagement, if signed by a duly authorised agent (S2), the agent undertakes to have the knowledge and authorisation of the clients (S1) to instruct this engagement and GDPR private data usage, on behalf of the clients (S1). The instruction includes, in either case, 1) the authorisation for Building Control Partnerships Ltd, as the Approved Inspector, to sign on behalf of the clients, (S1), the Initial Notice and all subsequent notices or communications, 2) you have read and agree to Building Control Partnerships Ltd’s Terms and Conditions of business, 3) that, under the GDPR, you give express permission for personal data to be used, stored and transmitted lawfully and in accordance with Building Control Partnership Ltd’s, GDPR, personal data policy. All referenced documents are available on request, this agreement is in the plural, the singular applies and vice-versa, a gender shall include all other gender.


  • This form can be in more than one private individuals name, (S1), all named are advised to individually sign the Declaration (S5), where they are private data subjects. This is to ensure compliance with the GDPR in protecting each private individuals data rights. If a single person signs the Declaration (S5) it is their duty to also ensure, they have, under the GDPR rules, the written authorisation of each and every named private individual to proceed and that they can pass-on that authorisation to allow BCP’s personal data usage policy to be complied with.
  • A duly authorised agent, (S2) can complete the form and instruct our engagement and thereafter, act for the client. However, they must declare (S5) they have the knowledge and authorisation of the clients.
  • It is essential that the site address (S3) is correct, if there is a street address this must include the correct property number and unit suffix. The Registration may be rejected if there is an error, causing delays and or reversion, which can not be reversed.
  • The projects work description parts should be individually described, with stories, numbers of units and use before and after. Specialist approvals should be identified separately, examples are fuel burning appliances, Part P electrical safety and the like.
  • Sewers under or within 3m of a foundation footprint must be located on site and also verified on the Map of Sewers held by the Water Authority, by the clients or agent and submitted 14 days before the commencement of work. Delays, costs and a Water Authority Building over Agreement should be expected by the clients.
  • For proposed dwellings, including flats, you are responsible to review your Planning Permission for any condition relating to unit Access and Facilities requirements. You must send with this registration a copy of such a Planning Permission and Conditions and make reference to this in (S9), if relevant.
  • You will, after Registration, receive Engagement Documents for approval. Also possibly, a Part 2 form which will request information on site specific risk factors. You must be sure all data is correct, this is your responsibility.
  • If a person other than the named clients (S1) is to be liable for payment to BCP, please complete (S6). The liability for payment will not pass from the clients, (S1) to (S6) until we receive an email confirming acceptance of liability from (S6) and we agree this in writing with you and them. Any none payment will revert the payment liability to the clients.
  • Do not pay our fee to any other party, contractor, employee or office other than to, BCP, Finance Department, The Hall, Lairgate, Beverley, HU17 8HL or by bank transfer as in (S8). If you pay a third party and they do not pay BCP or your payment does not clear into our account, you (S1) will remain liable for BCP’s fee directly.

Significant Terms & Conditions Extract

  • If you do not wish to proceed with this Registration, use the contact form of this website, within 14 days of notification, ensure you receive a reply. We will then cancel this Registration and revert all private data in our systems. After 14 days this Registration and Declaration forms a binding contract between BCP and the Clients (S1), fees are then not refundable or if not paid, will remain as having to be paid.
  • BCP’s total liability is limited to a maximum of a multiple of Ten times the Net Fee balance, that was paid inside terms, calculated at the time of claim, unless agreed by formal CICAIR contract.
  • An Approved Inspector is not a Clerk of Works or Private Surveyor and has a much reduced scope of responsibility. We are a statutory body not responsible for the compliance or otherwise of the construction, this remains always with the contractor and finally with the property owners.
  • You must pay your fee on time and remain within terms or we may cease our professional input and return your project to the Enforcing Authority, without notice. You must STOP work if we tell you to do so and comply with any instruction we give you.
  • The contractor must be notified to BCP on appointment and on change and approved, (S7). 
  • Where Warrantees are available, an agreed provider must be engaged by the client. We do not carry out single type warrantee inspections. The warrantee provider must undertake their own due diligence.
  • Where there is a national scheme for Approved Installers or Systems such a provider and or system must be engaged by the clients and certified to us.
  • Proposed or alterations to buildings over 11m and also 18m to the highest floor must be notified and Part 2 of this form completed. This also applies to any height of proposed or altered, special uses, including, Institutional, Care, Assembly, Schools and the like use buildings, in whole or part, where there is sleeping accommodation.
  • You must not commence work until we authorise you to do so, this will be after 8 working days from Initial Notice service, subject to anomalies, plan and or site assessment, consultations, sewer Building Over Agreements and fee payments. You would be proceeding at your own liability and may have to revise work carried out or have it reverted, if you do.
  • You are, by continuing with Registration, confirming you agree with our Terms & Conditions and our GDPR Data Policy. Depending on the complexity of the project, you may further be asked to enter into a formal contract. This is based on our regulators, the CICAIR, model form of contract for Approved Inspectors, we can not accept any other terms, form of contract and or variation. Only a Director of BCP can sign documents on behalf of BCP.
  • Registration does not infer or give approval of your project. It is for the purposes of The Building Regulations only, you are responsible for all other statutory and civil permissions and notifications. Any instruction or the like given by ourselves is not to be construed as providing an opinion or approval for any other permission. Particular attention should be made of your responsibilities connected with Planning Permission, The Party Wall Act, Building Over or within 3m of a Sewer, the Fire Authorities consultation and legislation, any Demolition Notice and the like, this is not an exhaustive listing.
  • Referenced documents are available on request, documents are in the plural, the singular applies and vice-versa, a gender shall include all other gender.

This page is continuing to be added to with further details, if it is relevant to you please come back here to review any additions or revisions.