Chartered Building Engineers & Corporate Approved Inspectors




Building Control Partnership Ltd (BCP) was formed in 2007 and granted a licence to act as a statutory Building Control Body, pursuant to The Building Act 1984. Such bodies are referred to as Corporate Approved Inspector with our professionals referred to as Building Control Surveyors (BCS) or Building Inspectors.

BCP has a national presence with many qualified and experienced professionals along with their support technicians. We provide our clients with the service of statutory Building Control to a quality managed standard.

Please register your project to start the approval process. You can provide plans, structural calculations, specifications and details after registration. Alternatively, we can provide an Initial Quotation valid for 30 days.

Registration starts with the download of a simple form and guidance on how to complete this. It is important we have an authorised instruction to proceed along with permission to use personal data where relevant.

We are not permitted to provide professional services before registration has been validated.


Buildings are expected to be safe, healthy and energy efficient. The Government provides the Construction industry with a framework of standards to carry such policies into practice. These are referred to as the Building Regulations with their companion guidance, the Approved Documents. Together these form the starting point, a common standard for designers and contractors. The Government licences experienced and qualified professionals to oversee the industries commitment to these regulations and standards. The term Approved Inspector is used to refer to such organisations, BCP is licensed by The Construction Industry Council to provid an independent service of Building Control as Corporate Approved Inspectors. Additionally, we are Chartered Building Engineers and hold QMS 9001 : 2015 accreditation.

Large Projects

They have the potential to be complex and will need the correct professional service level to assist in your compliance. We have years of experience.

Domestic Projects

New House Builds, Domestic Extensions, Loft Conversions, Conservatories and Alterations, are handled by our dedicated professional department.


Plan Assessment

Provided appropriate Plans, Structural Calculations and Details and request an assessment. It provides a layer of assurety.


We consult with Fire & Rescue, the Water Authority and other bodies, where required. You will need to know and comply with their requirements.

Certificates or Calculations

You may need these from experts or approved persons to indicate a specialist installation or construction is compliant.

Major Projects 

They require experienced and qualified appraisal at every stage. Plan Assessment, Statutory Consultation and Site Control are provided.




We independently provide, the statutory Building Control service. This can include an assessment of your submitted Plans, Structural Calculations and details. Carrying out Statutory Consultation. Agreeing a Site Inspection Regime with relevant Site Inspections. Reviewing Independent Compliance Certification. Each leading to the Final Certificate. Throughout the process we provide an accredited Quality Managed Service to QMS ISO 9001:2015. This is an independent, annually audited level of quality of service to our customers.

We are not involved in services other than statutory Building Control, learn more.

We have an experienced and qualified Management Team along with experienced and qualified Building Control Surveyors or Building Inspectors. Our Technical Support staff can help you through any part of the the process. We operate in most areas of the  country. Our customers tell us that they find the focused approach of an independent company, having one national interpretation and a single point of contact more productive for their projects.

We attempt to make the complex  process of Building Regulation compliance, as customer intuitive  as possible.

We should not be seen as general surveyors or a clerk of works, we have a limited scope of operation defined by the statutory nature of the regulations, learn more.


Quality Management recognises a company that is professionally managed, with standards, ethics and best practice. BCP has held such an accreditation for over 15 years working to QMS ISO 9001:2015. We are also registered members of The Construction Industry Council, The Chartered Association of Building Engineers, The Association of Consultant Approved Inspectors, The Chartered Institute of Building and more…