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The regulations changed significantly from 1st October 2023 and from 6th April 2024, you should review the Building Safety Regulators (BSR) and The Health and Safety Executive’s (HSE) website and other areas of the web to fully understand how this may affect you, your client and project approval. 

BCP are in transition to the Building Safety Regulator (BSR), some documents, links, references may be under revision for a short period. If you encounter an issue, please use this websites Contact Form.

BCP will now be referred to as a registered Building Control Approver (BCA), with our professionals referred to as Registered Building Inspectors (RBI) relevant to the RBI Class of work. 

RBI Class means submitted work has to be classified into certain work descriptions or Classes. Each individual RBI has been accredited to work up to a certain Class and cannot become involved in work at a higher Class. BCP must ask you for this classification at Quotation and or Registration, so it can ensure the RBI assigned to your project is suitably accredited for the Class of work and that BCP has the required RBI Class resources.

Notice of Completion

For projects Registered after the 1st October 2023, take particular note of the additional document requited Notice of Completion and the undertakings of the Client (normally the, Property Owners), Principal Designers and Contractors have to give to the BCA, before a Final Certificate can be issued. 

For each persons declaration, multiple copies of the form can be downloaded, one for each person and their declaration with the application details completed, signed and uploaded, individually. We will then collate all submitted forms. However, it remains the responsibility of the Client to ensure all parts are completed and submitted within the time periods prescribed and that (S5) is determined as applicable or not, completed and submitted.

Regulation 38 The Building Regulations, (S5). The form includes a section related to Section 38 of the regulations, this is where applicable, that you have passed all pertinent fire safety information to the responsible person as required by Regulation 38 of the Building Regulations such that they may adequately and reasonably fulfil their ongoing obligation under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order. This has to be completed for any project that has or will require a consultation with the Fire Authority and is controlled by the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order and generally includes, (this is not to be considered an extensive listing), all flats, shops, offices, commercial, industrial, care, hospitals, houses in multiple occupation, student accommodation, factories, leisure, and multiple uses. It does not include a new or created dwelling for one family, domestic extensions, dormers, conservatory’s, alterations and the like to such a dwelling. Please consult the Local Fire Authority website for further advice.

Registration Form from 1st October 2023

From the 1st October 2023 this download Registration Form must be used for all submissions. It includes that the Property Owners must be known and would usually be the Applicants. This is required and it should be clearly understood, that the Regulations require that if any work is not compliant then on Notice, it is always the Property Owners who are legally liable for removing or correcting such work. The contractor is principally liable for compliance of the work and not the BCA, but if the contractor defaults for any reason, it would be the Property Owners the Notice of Contravention would be served on at the address you provide.

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