Chartered Building Engineers & Corporate Approved Inspectors

The Company

Who are we?

We are Chartered Building Engineers and licensed Corporate Approved Inspectors, also referred to as Building Inspectors. We aim to offer a competitive and unified approach to project compliance with Building Regulations whilst ensuring we maintain the correct level of Performance. The Approved Inspector service is a focused, single company approach, created by government to provide a simplified and direct alternative to the many fragmented Local Authority’s and their individual systems with differing service levels and regulatory interpretations. We work alongside you to ensure a consistent level of interpretation, compliance, performance and support. 

For larger Clients, we operate nationally and in the capital. Projects will have one centralised interpretation and one company system. 

We are an accredited Quality Managed Company, approved under QMS ISO 9001 : 2015 standards. Quality Management recognises a company that is professionally managed, with standards, ethics and best practice. BCP has held such an accreditation for over 15 years working to QMS ISO 9001:2015. We are also registered members of The Construction Industry Council, The Chartered Association of Building Engineers, The Association of Consultant Approved Inspectors, The Chartered Institute of Building and more.

Notable Company Standards

A Chartered company, professional, independent and ethical.

Many years in business, financially stable.

Many years accredited with the Quality Management award.

Members of the Association of Consultant Approved Inspectors.

Insurance cover up to 5 million.

London, Southern and Northern offices.

Experienced, practical Building Control Surveyors and Technical support.

Regulated and licensed by the Construction Industry Council.

Members of many professional bodies.

The Approved Inspector

Buildings are expected to be safe, healthy and energy efficient. The Government provides the Construction industry with a framework of standards to carry such policies into practice. These are referred to as the Building Regulations with their companion guidance, the Approved Documents. Together these form the starting point, a common standard for designers and contractors. The Government licences experienced and qualified professionals to oversee the industries commitment to these Regulations and standards. The term Approved Inspector is used to refer to such organisations. BCP is licensed by The Construction Industry Council to provide an independent service of Building Control as Corporate Approved Inspectors. Additionally, we are Chartered Building Engineers and hold QMS 9001 : 2015 accreditation.

An Approved Inspector has a statutory function defined in The Building Act 1984 and The Approved Inspector Regulations (as amended) to oversee the implementation of the The Building Regulations by the construction industry. Therefore, whilst engaged by a Client we are limited in scope to this statutory function which focuses specifically on the overall arrangements and procedures being sufficient and being maintained in place, so as to ensure those responsible for compliance, usually the Client and or the Contractor, are exercising reasonable skill and care in complying with the Building Regulations.

We are not in a role of commenting on quality control, non-regulatory issues, design matters, associated legislation, neighbour  or boundary disputes, planning permission or acting in the capacity of a general engineer, surveyor or Clerk of Works for the Client and or Contractor. 

We must remain independent of the design process, it is for the Client Side Design Team and Contractor to ensure compliance with the regulations not the Approved Inspector. We will comment on what we see if it does not, in our opinion, comply with the Regulations at the time. However, we cannot guarantee compliance as we simply do not have enough of an intimate relationship with the projects development and construction to have such role.

We are regulated by the Construction Industry Council, specifically CICAIR and in cases of gross professional misconduct there is a procedure for complaint, learn more on the Complaints page. 

We are professionally and financially independent of any project, learn more on the Conflict of Interest page. 

We are licensed by the Secretary of State to be a Building Control Body and carry the required levels of CICAIR advised insurance.

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