Chartered Building Engineers & Building Control Approver

Conflict of Interests

An Approved Inspector, it’s professional and other staff members, professional consultants or other relevant person, but particularly the BUILDING CONTROL SURVEYORS must not have or have had at any time a Professional or Financial interest in the project referred to in your Registration or eventual Initial Notice, this extends also to some family members. All BCS are required to sign a declaration to this effect to ensure transparency. The purpose of the relevant regulation, Regulation 9 the Approved Inspector Regulations (as amended), (AIR), is to ensure independence, it would be highly unethical for an BCS to have control of work they had a professional or financial interest in. It would be seen as a clear conflict of interests and would be considered a matter of Gross Misconduct by BCP if an allegation was proven.

The exception in Regulation 9 AIR for Minor Works, has been removed by agreement. The CICAIR deprecates the practice of Approved Inspectors carrying out building control on any work they have designed or on which they have any financial or professional interest (See CICAIR Code of Conduct Guidance Notes 1.15). 

You as the Client, Property Owner, Agent or Contractor also have a responsibility. You must not enter into any illegal arrangement, bribe, inducement or breach of Regulation 9, the AIR, with BCP or any person listed previously working for or with BCP, as you may be alleged to be complicit in any offence after investigation. You should report any such nefarious activity to BCP’s Managing Director using the contact form of this website. All such communications will be handled in strictest confidence, you will receive an acknowledgement within 3 working days, if you do not please try again.

Extact of Regulation 9

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