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Building Control Partnership Ltd are required to carry out Audits from time to time relating to the current status of projects under our control. This does not effect all property owners, you will be contacted if an Audit of the projects is required. If you have a Final Certificate from us, then you will not be Audited. This should not however, be confused with us asking you to complete a Customer Feedback Form as a normal process of gaining feedback,

The Audit if applicable, may mean yourself as the current property owner, not necessarily the original Applicant for the project, will receive a postal letter or email requesting certain information in the form of Options. You can then complete the form we send and return it to us, scanned or posted or you or use this web-page link with the User Account and Password we send you to access the project data and add the required Option number and associated details directly into our database.

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) must be complied with by ourselves. Whichever route you take you will be agreeing to our GDPR Data Policy, allowing your private data, if you are a relevant data subject, to be used, processed and stored in accordance with this Policy. Without this we cannot proceed and your reply will be of no-effect.

We will normally contact you within 30 working days with our response if one is required. The Audit response from you is not a legal requirement, but the Regulations may require us, in the absence of a suitable reply, to action a cancellation of the project in default and pass the project to the enforcing authority. This means the enforcing authority will takeover the control of the project, requiring the property owner to then contact them and to follow their instructions. This may occur without further contact with the property owner by ourselves. The project will be deemed to NOT have approval under the Regulations which may then effect your properties status in several adverse ways.


Further information will be within the documents we send you as part of an Audit. If you are concerned, validate you have a Final Certificate from us, if the project is completed or occupied. If this is the case you will be validated and removed from the Audit. If the project is under construction and you have concerns and you wish to request an Audit then use the Contact Form of this website to set up a request. We will respond as mentioned previously other than we are may also contact you by a site inspection usually, within 30 working days

This page is continuing to be added to with further details, if it is relevant to you please come back here to review any additions or revisions.